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Sobeys to take over Pete's

Luckett focuses on wine after 40 years in the grocery biz

After over 40 years of building his brand, Pete Luckett is ready to say toodlee-doo to Pete's Fine Foods. This evening, via a post on Pete's website, the European grocer—known for its Sunnyside Mall, Dresden Row and the recently closed Wolfville locations—announced that it will be swallowed up by grocery giant Sobeys come November 2.

“It’s the right time for me to make a transition into the wine world. The food world has been such a huge part of my life! Growing the business from my small stall in Victoria Market, Nottingham into what it is today, nurturing our managers and staff, seeing how we’ve left a mark in the retail and grocery business in Atlantic Canada – it’s been an incredible ride,” says Luckett in the post, which goes on to say that he'll remain a consultant for the Pete's brand.

Rest assured, the Sobeys chain promises to keep the Pete's that people know and love as is, sticking to the small, market-vibe the stores were built on.

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