Don't throw your junk in my backyard

Living outside of metro has its perks. Nature galore with very small developed industrial parks, out of sight and mind. They are zoned for industrial uses for a reason. Land zoning is used for a reason, residential zonings keeps big ugly environmentally unfriendly buildings away from homes, canoe/kayak clubs etc. Unless you have deep pockets, then you pay your way to put your C&D recycling dump alongside those homes and clubs. Never mind the industrial park with spacious lots available. You want to rezone a residential area, complete with small children and a school bus route. Your community be damed, you own the land and run the companies so you are scratching your own back. Those pockets must be deep, since City Council is keeping suspiciously quiet as to what side they are supporting. So sure of youraelf you even dumped and buried demolished school debris complete with leaky mystery fluids before the rezoning has even been approved. Greasy! —Concerned Resident on the Eastern Shore