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Friday's 10 things you have to read

Pride climaxes, hospital bed bugs and Peter MacKay's money hose.

Friday's 10 things you have to read
Let’s hope to see this colourful bud from Happy Dogs Antigonish at tomorrow's Pride parade.

Ahh, summer before an election; when a scared party-in-power turns on the money hose and sprays down voters. Peter MacKay today announced more than $20 million in infrastructure investments for several Parks Canada projects in Halifax. The minister of Justice announced the funding on behalf of Parks Canada minister Leona Aglukkaq. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site’s future “Heritage Experience Centre” will be built with the announced funds, which will also go towards work needed to remediate the counterscarp behind the south front walls. Another portion of the investment will go towards the York Shore Battery of the York Redoubt National Historic Site. Related news from Buzzfeed Canada: Some Conservatives have stopped pretending funding announcements are anything but election stops.

Exclaim picked up The Coast’s story of NY punk band The Casualties’ now-cancelled show at the Seahorse Tavern. As Exclaim notes, this is the first show of the band’s Canadian tour to be cancelled over past sexual assault allegations about lead singer Jorge Herrera. The group still has performances scheduled for London, Hamilton and Toronto this summer.

Roger Taylor at the Herald notices that Southwest Properties has been selling off its commercial portfolio and concentrating on residential development business. Apparently the real estate company, headed by Josef Spatz, has already sold the former Moirs chocolate factory in Dartmouth (now known as Dartmouth Gate), offloaded the former Moosehead Breweries on Windmill Road and sold several other building in Bayers Lake and Bedford.

Inspired by the exotic places she’s surfed, and her hometown favourite Martinique Beach, designer and beach bum Simone Prinsenberg started making her own bikinis as an experiment, but quickly turned her creations into a line of handmade suits for women to swim, surf and sunbathe in, with confidence. This week, Michelle Cameron dives into the deep end with Martinique Swimwear.

New dykeland awareness signs are raising eyebrows, but not the way that you might think. The Grand Pre signs read “Entering dykelands, all roads private” and according to CTV “show the image of a person and dog getting hit by a tractor.” The dramatic scene frightened one visiting American tourist, who wished there was a “nicer way” to get the same message across.

Argyle Street is officially cooler than you are. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods this weekend you’ll notice that the southern-most block of the beloved strip has gotten a fresh coat of paint—a blue, green and white argyle pattern, just like your dad’s favourite socks—thanks to the Argyle Street streetscaping pilot project. The beautifying stage kicked off yesterday, but this Sunday, the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, Planning Design Centre and the Halifax Regional Municipality officially launch Mingle on Argyle with some celebratory festivities from 2-5pm.

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Halifax Pride and Rad Pride are both winding down this weekend after ten colourful days of queer and trans celebration and resistance. The mainstream pride parade will overtake downtown on Saturday afternoon, you can catch some proud Coast employees in the Parade with a bevy of puppies from the SPCA.

Today, something much more politically-minded is taking place. This evening welcomes The Dyke and Trans March from Rad Pride. The march is for trans folks and queer women, though families and supporters are welcome (but are asked to let the other participants march in front). This year's march will welcome Des Adams, Xiaoqi Zhu, Jessica Robin Durling, Jessica Dempsey and Lucy E Wallace as speakers.

Halifax’s Victoria General Hospital got bed bugs. CBC reports a single room in the dialysis unit was cleared this week for the horrible critters. Health Authority spokesperson John Gillis says once reported, the room was cleaned according to “protocols,” which included bringing in an external pest control company. Gillis “couldn’t say” how often bed bugs are a problem at the hospital, but this last quote isn’t exactly reassuring: “I don’t often hear of it but they travel with people so, people are coming in and out of the hospital all the time.”

+1 Sure Thing
Tonight is SoHo Ghetto’s final show after six years as a band. The five-piece will take their final bow at The Seahorse with their pals Union Duke and beauts.