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Everyone wants more money

Lately everybody is screaming for more money and even some of the politicians are proposing enormous minimum wage increases. In a recent copy of the Coast, a $20/hour minimum was suggested. Everybody wants to make big bucks, but nobody has given any thought to where that money is coming from. Yes some business can afford to pay employees more, but lots of small businesses can barely keep their doors open as it is. Increased wages means increased operating cost and that means reduced profits or higher prices. I don't see very many businesses claiming they make too much money. In fact, over the last few years branches from some businesses have closed not because they are losing money, but because they aren't making enough. A so called living wage for everybody would be wonderful, but raising the minimum wage will force up prices or increase unemployment. So the next time you demand a higher wage give some thought as to where the money is coming from. —Tired of Hearing It