I'm giving up on women

Its official, I've given up on women. I love women, but trying to have simple fun sex with a woman has become an endless quest. Sex is fun, its good for you, its natural, its healing, its free!!! Why have we all forgotten this? I'm in my 40's, average looking, healthy, mentally well, and very horny. The women that are attracted to me try to use sex as a tool, they dangle it in front of me. They wonder if sex on the first date is bad. They are upset when I've had sex with them then I don't want to start a romance. Women are not happy with their bodies which leads to bad sex. Fuck!!!! I'm sure that younger woman today have fewer hangups but they don't want me. In their eyes I'm an old perv. I've had the opportunity to sleep with a couple really wonderful "sluts", as society likes to call them. Thank you for an amazing, guilt free romp session, I wish there were more like you. I love and respect women, I understand how society and men in general have shaped you into what you are today, but I still wish we could just drop all this bullshit around sex. Sex is beautiful, it does not have to be this way. —fucksex