Stockholm Syndrome

I know a woman who's strong, vocal, independent and beautiful. She's done so much for so many women, given them a voice and stood up for them when they didn't have the confidence to stand up for themselves. So this love is for you, you're something and you're wonderful. Your boyfriend is not. You deserve so much more than someone who tells everyone but you that you're in an open relationship. You deserve someone that wouldn't leave you for a Baseball game while you're going through the one of the hardest experiences a woman can have, someone who doesn't pick other women up at the airport while telling you he's playing video games with his friends. Be the strong, independent woman that you are and kick his lame ass to the curb. You're surrounded by people that actually love you and will support you through this, you'll never be alone. You can have another him in a minute, you're worth so much more. —We're In this Together