SMU - Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing

Kiersten Hackett I’m a Liaison and Admissions Officer

I started as a tour guide working for SMU Recruitment in my first year of university, but I've also had many other positions within Recruitment. I've completed all my courses and exams, and graduated on January 24, though I started my position as liaison December 1.

The most fulfilling part of my education was getting involved in activities that allowed me to apply my learning, and also gain experience...the co-op program being a huge factor. I did my first co-op term in Toronto, recruiting for SMU, my second term in Halifax and my third work term they sent me to Mexico City!

Entering university I wanted to take something that interests me, but also would provide a good career path. I felt I had a good personality for business, and an interest in learning about it, plus SMU has a great business program so I felt it was the perfect fit.

This job is ideal for me, as it allows me to travel, gain work experience—which is so incredibly important—and explore new places. I'm almost 23 so I feel that I'm not entirely set on what my future will be, but this role definitely gives me the tools to find an answer!