Tip your driver!

I have been delivering pizzas for about 4 months now- it's fun and I enjoy it. But I am blown away by the number of people in our fair city who DON"T tip for their delivery. What the hell! You can drop 20, 30, even 40 bucks on one meal, but you're too broke to give your driver even a quarter or 2? I'm looking at you, university residences. Look, food drivers rely on their tips: we usually only get minimum wage (sometimes less), and with that we need to buy gas and pay for the upkeep of our vehicles, plus pay all those other wonderful bills that go along with modern life. We appreciate that sometimes you might be low on funds- most people know what that's like. But seriously though: it's really not meant to be a choice. Unless your food is late, or cold (it's not), or I'm somehow rude to you (I am never), tipping for food delivery is pretty much expected. If you're that low on funds, throw us 25 or 50 cents: it's better than nothing, and it all adds up, and won't make us feel like making you wait longer next time. And to the people that do tip, i.e. most people that understand how this is supposed to work: thank you! Food delivery drivers bust their humps to get people all over this city their food hot and fast, and we truly do appreciate every penny. —Jay Lar