Liz Ingram-Chambers | The Coast Halifax

Liz Ingram-Chambers

A love for patrons, and Le Bistro, led her to bring the legendary resto back from the ashes.

Owner and manager, Le Bistro by Liz, 1333 South Park Street

Liz Ingram-Chambers gets emotional when she talks about Le Bistro. "It's my way of taking care of people, my way of making people happy." After entering the scene as a server in college, she fell for the industry and the relationships she built with customers. Ingram-Chambers ended up at Le Bistro in the '90s, working there for nine years "getting a fix" on her passion for people, leaving when new owners changed the restaurant that she knew and loved. In 2011, she reopened it as Le Bistro by Liz, bringing back its original vibe (and chef Paul Pike) to pull the nostalgia full circle. "Because it was longstanding, it meant so much to so many people, not just me," she says. "It had to be done, I wouldn't have felt fulfilled if I didn't. And I honestly think it was meant to be."