Raccoons | The Coast Halifax


Ended the summer with a very relaxing bicycle ride. I had gone to one of our usual trails/woods with two friends. None of us brought mud guards because of how dry its been and there wasn't rain in the forecast. As we are just headed into the trail I notice a big pile of raccoon crap smack-dab right in the middle of trail. I thought it was from a dog at first and their owners are notorious for not picking up at this area. So yup, it was from a raccoon and whats worse is theres another pile five feet in front of it. Well it was getting dark after a few hours of riding but the amazing amount of raccoon poop wasn't, that's for sure. So let me tell you driving a bike through raccoon shit and having it get struck to your back wheel and flung all over your seat (the bikes and your ass) and all up your back isn't fun. One of my friends even got a bit in her hair. The mudguards certainly wouldv'e helped out alot but then I get to thinking don't our takes pay for park patrols in the woods and stuff? Shouldn't these men and women be cleaning up after animals too? A dog poops and it eventually at some point by someone gets cleared up, so why not raccoons? I even think the municipality could benefit from installing garbage cans where people actually go. Heck I see one every ten feet downtown but not a one in parks. —Even my car seat stinks now