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Forward Looking City

LOL The politicians think 'city wide free WiFi' will show that Halifax is a 'forward thinking city'... To bad that: 1) Free WiFi is only in the rich parts of town, thereby available to those who least need it. 2) The entire nation of Estonia has free WiFi and this would have been "Forward thinking" if the year was still 2002. 3) Halifax looks like the shitty part of Boston circa the 1970s as shown in Good Will Hunting... 4) Our roads look and drive like roads in areas of the world that are currently engaged in civil wars. 5) A 500 million dollar 'convention center' should have been a 500 million dollar Aquaponic system, at least it would have done something productive then. 6) Fuck your gentrification and increasingly pushing the poor into smaller more industrialized areas; at least we know the Haves who are building right along side of us, have the exact same view, only for three quarters of a million dollars. —Stoner Retard Who Could Design A Better City In His Sleep