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No Animal and The Prince of Pig Alley

Exploring the criminal psyche

Rena Kossatz, Jeffrey OHara and Maggie Hammel take a walk on the wild side
  • Tim Lake
  • Rena Kossatz, Jeffrey O'Hara and Maggie Hammel take a walk on the wild side

Playwright Bethany Lake’s entertaining double bill delves into the dark corners of the criminal mind.

No Animal is a short play that has a killer and a criminal psychologist squaring off across a table. The writing is taut, layering some interesting twists over the familiar “manipulative murderer spars with uptight shrink” scenario. Andrew Guthro is masterfully creepy as the killer who causes the doctor (Ira Henderson) to unravel before our eyes.

The Prince of Pig Alley is a fictional back-story to the 1938 stabbing of Samuel Beckett by a pimp named Prudent. It follows the story of an upright young man (Jeffrey Reid O’Hara) whose search for meaning after the death of his fiance leads him into a dangerous relationship with a debutante-turned-prostitute (Maggie Hammel). There are some implausibilities in the story and some scenes that drag, but these problems are balanced by a strong cast and a truly gorgeous (yet simple) set. The story is cleverly book-ended by a scene that tips its hat to Beckett himself.

Playing at The Bus Stop Theatre , June 4 - 8
- 8pm nightly, with a special 2pm matinee on June 7th

Tickets: $20 Regular; $15 Student/Senior/Artist