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Best Late-night Food

Willy's Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

Gold Winner Willy’s Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

Silver Winner Freeman’s Little New York, Quinpool

Bronze Winner Burrito Jax, Blowers Street

After a night of drinking and shenanigans all bar-hoppers and party-goers retire to their respectful homes for a good (mediocre?) night’s sleep—but not before hitting up good ol’ Pizza Corner. The aroma of fries, gravy and cheese wafting out of the tiny window on Blowers Street is enough to make anyone (drunk or sober) say yes to poutine. The key to great late-night food? “Treating it like it’s not late-night food,” says Jeff Williams, manager of the joint. That, and consistency. “We’ve invested in new fryers—the best fryers you can get.” Judging from the line, Willy’s is a shining beacon in the night for all those hungry.