Stephen Adams

District 11 (Spryfield - Sambro Loop - Prospect Road)

2014 grade: D
2013 grade: B-
2012 grade: D
2011 grade: D
2010 grade: D
2009 grade: B-
2008 grade: C-
2007 grade: B-
Cell: 497-8818

Steve Adams has been a staunch supporter of closing the landfill on schedule, and for that he deserves major props. After Reg Rankin, it’s been Adams who has been most prominent in calling out the need to have proper solid waste processes and to respect the promises given to people who live near the landfill. Kudos to him.

That good work, however, is countered by an attempt by Adams to sneak in a last- minute change to the revision of the regional plan that would open up the Purcells Cove backlands to development. This land, mostly owned by Clayton Developments, is zoned as “urban reserve,” meaning that it can not be developed until 2031, at the earliest. The change Adams tried to make would rezone the land as “rural commuter,” and immediately allow it to be developed at low- to medium-density, in essence turning it all into sprawl. This is very bad, indeed.