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On the path to being physically active, strength in numbers can go a long way. Adria Young suggests the group fitness buddy system.

Glorious LA Lakers six-time champion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said, "You can't win if you don't play as a unit." Think about that the next time you'd rather stay nestled among chips and Netflix. We know it's not always easy getting the 60 minutes of recommended physical activity per day to stay healthy and in shape. That's why fitness as a team effort can do wonders for your motivation. Make it a date with friends and create or join a community. Do it as a unit with these group fitness options.


"Each class starts with a group warm-up, group strength or skill session and then the workout," which varies by day, says Mel Clarke, a level one certified CrossFit trainer at Blended Athletics ( in Dartmouth. CrossFit fosters community spirit to support the intense workout regime and lifestyle. "You will see the benefits of crossfit if you work out three to four times a week," she says. "The reason why I hated going to the gym was because I come from a team-sport background. Working out with people motivates you to work harder." There are a number of CrossFit gyms in Halifax that participate in national competitions.


With Bikram Yoga (, Moksha Yoga (, Halifax Yoga ( and Shanti Yoga ( in the HRM, your options for reaping the benefits of hot yoga are innumerable. From increased circulation and mobility to improved digestion and skin, hot yoga is the group workout that challenges yogis to strive for personal nirvana. Each class is an individual experience, but there's strength in numbers. Honestly, it feels better to see others struggling, too.


Spin studios in Halifax (Cyclone, and Dartmouth (Revolution Fitness, and classes at most YMCA branches ( offer group cycling; live your Tour de France dreams with a leader who will not let you give up. "We're up there, we're giving you the routine, you're climbing, you're racing, you're switching it up, you're doing jumps and working your core," says Lisa Baldwin, co-owner of Revolution Fitness. "We and the class motivate you. We're there to push you and give you the best workout you can get."


Register for indoor and seasonal outdoor boot camps all across HRM. Some are co-ed (Evolve Fitness, and some are women-only (Adventure Bootcamp Dartmouth, or Sculptura Fitness,, but most will burn your buns, in a good way. "We tailor to every fitness level," says Baldwin of Revolution's Fitness' 10-person boot camps. "With the group, you have someone perfecting your exercises, too, making you more efficient with better results."


Halifax Sport & Social Club ( has affordable registration for indoor and outdoor team sports all year round. Floor hockey? Check. Curling? Check. Dodgeball? Check. Cheap beer at Freeman's with HSSC keychain? Check. A great way to make fun fitness friends! YMCA branches also host pick-up games in basketball, handball and volleyball. And laser tag is a sport, right?