OH HAIL NO! | The Coast Halifax


Dear sad sack, So you wuz creepin' me on facebook, keep writing me notes n shit, askin' "Do I remember you"? Yet, you ain't add me as a friend, for some reason... even when I send you a friend request to see who da fuck you are. You got 3 photos of you in a pair of shades holdin onto a kid that's never smiling and there's a lotta commentary about your baby mama drama and how you ain't allowed to see your your son. You keep emailing me, so I ask you "When we goin' out on dis date? Your response. "How about a coffee sometime? Do you live alone?" You know what that response tells me about you? That you're ONE cheap muthafucking BUM only willing to put up $2.00 on a date, thinkin' you're bout to get up in my crib for some a this fine bootie? Really? Boy you need to go on. You can't handle your shit now. Can't even afford to take a lady for a decent drink or a meal. Fuck off with your double-double. Go on and do society a favor, stick your dick into a light socket and sterilize yourself bitch. —Ain't no Down Low Ho