Gonzo with the wind

Gonzo New Years’ Eve: An Elemental Bacchanalia calls the corners and rings out the new year in wild style.

Rhys Bevan-John and Bill Wood go gonzo. - STOO METZ
Stoo Metz
Rhys Bevan-John and Bill Wood go gonzo.

"It's a mix between the Commedia dell'arte, a live-action role-playing game and a pagan ritual," describes Rhys Bevan-John, one-half of Misery (Loves) Theatre Company. With comic Bill Wood, the Halifax Forum will be transformed to a mystical, magical and weirdly fantastical New Year's Eve party.

Gonzo New Year's Eve: An Elemental Bacchanalia is a coming-together of local theatre savants and designers to create an other-worldly reverie dance experience based on the four elements of nature.

"A ritual is like a message danced deep into the subconscious," says Wood. "Water reminds us to dream deeply. Wind connects us through words to the world. The earth holds us up and fire brings change, burning the old and making room for the new. We want people to lose themselves to the dance."

Costumes optional, guests of Gonzo New Year's will be getting lost with DJ Andrew Patterson. "I couldn't resist the opportunity to help set the mood at such a strange, exciting-sounding event," says Patterson, a Coast contributor who has spun records at street parties, craft fairs and art openings around town for ages.

As the clock strikes 12, masked actors will ring in the new year through an art performance. With tons of tricks up their sleeves, Bevan-John and Wood have a pretty special night of fun and dance for you.

"I plan on playing a ridiculous array of music," says Patterson. "I have a backlog of party jams that need to be heard: starting with weird atmospheric music and making my way to dance jams. There will be some Italian soundtracks, Persian and Indonesian pop, spacey dubstep, hard bop, gypsy jazz, new wave, some modern electric and Destiny's Child. Naturally." Beyoncé is, of course, the fifth element.

With a cash bar and door prizes, let Misery Loves Theatre take you to a whole new dimension. "Right now, our design team is creating a totally different space at the Forum that will invite guests to feel like they're on a little vacation to an imaginary world," says Wood.

Say goodbye to 2013 in the most theatrical of styles at the Gonzo New Year's Eve party.

Gonzo New Year’s Eve: An Elemental Bacchanalia
Tuesday, December 31 at 8pm,$20
Halifax Forum, 2910 Windsor Street