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Nudie suits

Twang-a-lang with Nudie this weekend

In a world of so many baffling musicians and their gimmicks,

when someone recommends an album to you and calls it a mixture of Chris Isaak and Dwight Yoakam, you sit down, shut up and listen.

That's been my experience with Nudie's latest album, Remember This.

Featuring Roger Carter, Mark Geddes, Dean Dunsford, Aaron Currie, Molly Rankin, Thomas Webb, Jamie Hoffa, Kathy Porter and Burke Caroll, every track has a different feel, but all are executed like you were sitting at a campfire and someone brought a guitar. Gratuitously homey, and a great listen for the holidays.

Even better, Nudie will be celebrating the release of Remember This at A Kinda Country Christmas at Gus' Pub And Grill this Saturday (December 21 at 10pm, $5 w/The Legendary Golden River Show Band and Williston Irvine).

A night of great country music, and very few Christmas carols?

Sounds like a good night to me.