Killer Transport Truck Driver | The Coast Halifax

Killer Transport Truck Driver

To the transport trucker carrying blue tractor(s) who just pulled into my lane as though I wasn't even there today at 4:30pm heading into Dartmouth...are you daft man? Was it that important to pass me in a fucking blizzard because I was only doing 80? Was the gravy getting cold on your deep fried donair? Damn brother, you were literally almost missionary on my little 4 wheel ass, doing 20km/h faster than me on a slippery highway at dusk with flurries. Wooohooo let's dance! Daft is far too polite a word for your inconsiderate face. On the off chance that you read this, I hope you lose your license and your job and have the shittiest fucking Christmas ever, you complete and utter TOOL. I hope your jockey shorts catch fire. Go fuck yourself. —Angry But Grateful