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Fucked up Mother Ficking up a Kid

I got an ex wife who I pay monthly maintenance and that miserable woman does everything possible to alienate me from my child. I ADORE my little boy. In three years I never have gotten a positive sounding email. Never a positive conversation about the child. Just fucking stupid shit emails. "Don't do this, oh that's dangerous for him, don't let him collect the eggs from the chickens! He could get poop on his fingers and put them in his mouth and get some disease! Oh my God you gave him a candy ring? He could choke on that, what kind of father are you? I don't want him to nap cause he won't sleep when he is with me. He is always tired when he comes back from being with you, what are you doing with him that makes him so tired? He keeps asking me to show him classic rock music videos by name (Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Rush) on you tube, I don't want him watching music videos. You were three minutes late returning him... I am going to send an email to you that you aren't following the court ordered times. Don't teach him words in Spanish cause it confuses him in his English vocabulary. You have him outdoors too much... I don't want him getting a cold. Don't give him Kool Aid... just natural fruit juice watered down 50/50." and the fucking list goes on and on and on. No wonder the three year old prefers to stay with me and hates going back with you you cheesed up dumb ass. What the fuck is it with crazy bitches who keep kids in bubbles? He is a little three and a half year old little boy. No wonder kids are so fucked up today and can't do anything but play video games with their thumb up their asses. I hate you. I won't let you fuck up this child with your silly bird brained ideas and rules and regulations. —Frustrated Dad