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NSLC monopoly

I've rarely encountered such a paternalistic out-dated indefensible-yet-invincible vampiric morass as the NSLC. Small business/entrepreneur killers, inexplicable price-fixers beyond any reasonable criteria, reliably keeping Nova Scotia in the fucking alcoholic dark ages relative to most of North America and Europe. Now you're advertising Coors? Another immensely shitty import for the same price as a bottle of the two or three decent (and over-priced through no fault of their own) local beers? What decent wine have you decided i can now buy at a 25-50% price hike? Come to think of it, what purpose do you serve? Other than driving away tourism, strangling the restaurant biz, keeping the provincialism in the province? nice one on the systematic overcharging PR by the way . Home brew rhymes with fuck you. —I hardly drink