Best Fitness Instructor / Trainer


Gold Winner Devin Sherrington, 360fit

Silver Winner Matt Mombourquette, One to One Wellness Centre

Bronze Winner Krissy Adams-Schofield

“A client said to me recently, ‘It’s like Cheers without alcohol’,” says Devin Sherrington of his gold-winning gym, 360fit, where everybody knows your name, apparently. When it comes to his award-winning fitness regiment, he attributes most of his trainee fans to his goofy personality. “I'm a little bit nuts, I try to amuse myself most of the time,” says the self-proclaimed exercise geek who calls his job the coolest ever. Lately, 360fit moving into more personal training and off-site corporate classes. “My biggest thing is, anybody can give you a hard workout, but can they push you to have fun while you’re doing it?” Hey Devin, does this mean laughter counts as an ab workout?