Planet Organic is now Organic Earth

The organic grocery chain is now a family-run biz

Another Earth
Another Earth

It’s the end of the Planet as you know it, Planet Organic that is. The Quinpool Road organic grocery chain has changed hands and become Organic Earth Market (6485 Quinpool Road).

Its new owners, husband and wife team Richard Michalowski and Victoria Cottier, moved to Halifax from BC after retiring last winter and took the plunge to buy the business at the end of the summer. “We’re trying to give it a bit of a facelift. We want to really look at the product, get some more variety and get it up to speed,” says Cottier, who spent 19 years running a similar store on the west coast.

“My husband and I live and breathe this, it’s what we do and how we live.” With the support of the dedicated Planet Organic staff (who are all staying onboard) the pair are working to keep the store’s concept, but liven it up a bit. They’re also planning to get into citywide grocery delivery. “We hope to do it proud and do it better than it was before,” says Cottier. “But give us a little time.”