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Train Derailments

The recent jump in train derailments in Canada are false-flag, problem-reaction-solution events that are the first stage in using the importance of transportation and safety to unify the US, Mexico and Canada into the North American Union giant super-state.

By creating a situation of 'something must be done' in the minds of the people, the government creates the problem they want to solve which leads to an ultimate agenda. They institute into the publics mind the safety of our railroads is a priority of national self-preservation (aka-defence).

A significant portion of the population lives near the major east-west rail lines that unify the country now, as we have built up around our original settlement towns and rather than cause displacement and controversy, the government and major corportions like CN will build new lines. These lines will run north-south and connect the entire North American region. This proposal will be painted as a preferred method of transportation for our countries resources as opposed to pipelines. The reality is that they will use these new rail lines to carry our vast arena of natural resources to the south where the poorer of the world will cheaply create more items of useless necessity for us to buy back at incredibly inflated prices which only makes corporations rich and the rest of us playing out our debt slave existence. (This is only the essence of our economy and as no bearing on our spiritual lives.) The US becomes the ultimate middle man and with a new deal with the European Union, the ultimate marketplace. Two super-states trading between each other, a major step in globalization.

Although you may think that this happens now under the Free Trade Act, you're right and it's been going on for a long time, but on a rather small scale. That is only the beginning to the type of exploitation that is going to occur in our future. This country has yet to see or even imagine a landscape ravaged by greed on a large scale. But it's coming. Globalization is real and moving at a faster rate all the time.

Do your own research and become aware. This only leads smarter decisions by all of us and a better world..

There may not be anything that we can do about this scale of issues, but at the very least we can buy local which supports community and eachother and stop voting the bastards into government and giving them the power to allow large heartless corporations the permission to rape Mother Earth. We have to take back democracy. —AW