Yoga Week Wrap Up | The Coast Halifax

Yoga Week Wrap Up

Yoga Week Day 7: Bikram Yoga Halifax

I checked out Bikram Yoga on Grafton St. for my final Yoga Week class. I have to admit that last time I stepped foot in this building it was the Coconut Grove Lounge. It is nothing like that anymore. It was bright, clean and had giant open windows. The change-rooms are huge and fully equipped with everything I forgot to bring, showers, soaps, hair dryers, lotions and deodorant: everything.

I was lucky enough to experience a class by instructor Measha. This lady rules. I'd like to award her with "most practical and stylish hot yoga outfit." I'm pretty sure it was a bathing suit. Standing on a block at the front of the class, she guided us through the poses explaining every step and encouraging us to push ourselves further by letting us know exactly what we were working towards. It's much easier to push yourself harder knowing that one day your head will touch the floor. At the end of class, Measha requested a round of applause for Danika and me. Thank you, thank you, Yoga Week has been hard. I'd like to thank my mom...

My other job involves interviewing old people about their health, and a lot of them say they have difficulty bending over. It's been a strange experience hearing that response while trying yoga for the first time. I don't only want to be able to bend over at 60; I hope by then my forehead will be on the floor. I think I'll keep this up.