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N.S. Health Care Sucks a Big Knob

My partner broke some bones in his foot. He had to go to the Dickson Bldg. for x-rays, THEN has to go to the QEII where he had to struggle down a long, long hallway to the cast room with his walker. We sat right in front of the room where they do casts, watched the doors open and close for three hours, each time with about a half dozen people milling around inside, doing fuck all but yakking. Meanwhile, the waiting room is full of aching people and some dumb bitch comes out to announce that we are to be divided into two groups, neither of which my partner fit in. Instead, they sent out another doctor who said that she couldn't put on a cast because of blood clots so she said she'd make an appointment with the ortho guy to see it in a few days. This procedure of getting an app't. took over an hour. By the time we got out of there (for fuck all), we had been there a total of 7 hours. What the fuck is going on with this lazy-fucking-arse health care system? —No Wonder Our Health Care Is In Deep Trouble