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It really only takes 10 seconds

I'm the owner of 2 large dogs that shit mountains when they take a dump. And if I have to carry a pound of shit around with me as we finish our walk/hike, I do it. Why? Because that's the first goddamn rule of owning a dog, pick up their shit. I'm tired of going to very public places like PPPark, or just walking through the neighbourhood and seeing shit or worse, stepping in it. I have dog bags in the back pocket of every pair of pants I own, just out of habit of grabbing more than I'll need and leaving them in there. I've got some in the car if I ever need them. It's a pretty simple concept really.

I'm fine with carrying around a bag full of warm shit, because I know as long as I've got it, no one will step in it. And no animal will come in contact with it, either. I know it's a bitch that will exist forever, but fuck it's just annoying —Don't Worry, I Have Nothing Better To Do Than Wipe Your Dog's Shit Off My Shoes