Halifax hates fun | The Coast Halifax

Halifax hates fun

To the humorless NIMBY who shut our band down before we could even play a single note, at 9:30pm on a Saturday night, smack in the middle of downtown Halifax, thanks so much.

It must be nice to have the privilege of being able to afford to live downtown. I'm sure you like it because it's convenient, and you're close to everything. But because of this, you need to understand that you live in the heart of the city and just because you hate fun doesn't mean the rest of the world does too.

If you want peace and quite, might I suggest you consider moving to the suburbs? Otherwise, maybe you should invest in some ear plugs, or perhaps seek medical treatment to get the stick that appears to be wedged in your posterior removed.

People like you are the reason why downtown Halifax is dying. —All dressed up with nowhere to rock out