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NS Vets are Gouging Bastards

I'm petsitting right now and it turns out that at least one of the guest kitties has terrible worms. I go 'ew', then call my own vet to buy dewormer for them. Turns out in NS as of a year ago you can no longer get these products over the counter, because of a law passed(not by the province, but some fucking vet association). If I hadn't found somewhere else to buy the stuff I'dve driven to fucking Sackville NB earlier, because that would have been cheaper.

To get those products in NS, each cat would have to be brought in for an exam. Working out the math on it, it'd run about $500 bucks for three exams, a pack of spot treatment, and a dewormer, plus the associated tax for each one. Half a thousand dollars just for getting rid of some worms. —Grumpy Cat-sitter