some of us just aren't supposed to be those people.. | The Coast Halifax

some of us just aren't supposed to be those people..

i'm still waiting to be cher in clueless.
and to be the cheerleader dating the football player.
or to just live out one of those pre-planned cookie cutter lives that *work* for people.
instead i'm a statistic, six ways from sunday.
i can change the course of my life if i want to, but i'm still going to end up the same place everyone else does.
whether or not i own a house, or a car. if i ever have a career, or get married, or have children.
i still have to live in a society that's falling apart, under societal norms i find abhorrent.
the three big C's, consumerism, capitalism, conservatism.................
therefore, i'm beginning to debate the other side of life.
maybe, just maybe, if every individual strived for nothing more than their own happiness, contentment, serenity.
and showed nothing but the same for everyone they encountered.
then i wouldn't have to be sitting here cruising an obstacle course between minimum wage and liveable income. —i <3 halifax