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Church is still a Thing

Dear Twenty-Something-Church Your promo “Hey Girl, I’m headed to --- on Sept 20th...Save me a seat?” is very offensive to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like many a ‘Hey Girl’ images on Pinterest, but using Ryan Gosling in your poster to attract twenty somethings to church, not only is in bad taste, but it really disgusts me Church is not the lights, the music, the media, the talent, the hipsters, or even the well designed logo. (Which I am sure you are all well aware of and also know) Church is the community and the individuals who gather together to learn and discuss Christ. The relationship of Christ and the Church: which relates to each generation in it’s own way and each generation brings new aspects to it, is still the main reason and the foundation for any ‘Church’ to be established.

When you use ‘Ryan Gosling’ in your promotional ads for your church you are now making church about ‘sexual relationships’. Not God. Now I am thinking “ The Notebook....Maybe I’ll find a cute boy there...I’m tired of being single”

Above your ad on Facebook you have “Everybody will be there”.

I will not be going.

Not because I don’t want church, don’t need church or don’t like church with a group of people my own age, but because I don’t want to be a part of an organization that uses ‘sex icon’ movie stars as their hook to the Halifax Student population.

I will continue sharing my faith with my peers with respect and trust that God will allow my life to relate to them and not our mutual sex fantasies of Ryan Gosling.

Please rethink your ads. —Just a twenty-something Christian