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Poster Assholes

So, I recently lost my cat, and have been spending what little spare money I have on posters of her and putting them up, and most of my free time looking for her. I understand that yes, some of these posters may have blown off, there is no way a poster I put up the night before was destroyed by the weather by the next day. Of course this was a colour poster that was put in one of those plastics to protect it as well.

And some douche canoes have even been putting their Band, Yoga workshops, and even Belly Dancing posters over them. There is no way in hell that you guys didn't see the giant picture of an adorable kitty, and see the size 100 font "MISSING" above it.

I don't understand why you would be so uncaring that you would just throw your poster up over someone else's LOST CAT poster. Or why for that reason anyone would feel the need to pull them down, especially when they are brand new, in plastic, coloured, not worn down by the weather.

This makes me very sad Halifax. —Wanting my cat back, but not sure that's going to happen with the Cat Hater Poster putter uppers