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Can I please have my sneakers!!??

So.. I ordered clothing online from a reliable site that I have ordered from before. I was working the day that my order was delivered. The delivery person left me two cards to pick up my order at their business location the next day after 1 pm. I went to the location to pick up my order, and was told the items were not yet available for pick up and to please try back tomorrow after 1 pm. Dragging my four children, two car seats out to my car again I go back to pick up my order. This is a $300 order of clothing including four pairs of shoes and other back to school items. It was shipped from New Jersey and took less than a week to arrive. But I still dont have it!! The 2nd time I went to pick up my order the manager comes to the counter and tells me again the items are not available for pick up and there is a problem with my tracking number and yesterday she left a message with her supervisor at the sortation plant etc. She picks up the phone at the back of the room and huddles over it, leaving a second message. Disappointed, I obtained the supervisors name and phone number and leave. I called the supervisors number upon leaving the store and when the voice mail message came on, it said the voice mail was full! At this point I am not being given a guarantee of when i can pick up my package, so i call the 1-800 number for the customer service for the delivery company. i explain the situation to the reprensative and he decides it is worthy for him to get a manager on the phone to handle the situation. I am told that they will have me hold on the line and contact the store location I just visted. I am not sure how this will help but I wait on hold for a total of 32 minutes. When the manager comes back to tell me when I may pick up my package, her tone has changed to a mocking tone as one would address a silly child. She is laughing as she says "the store manager told you she left a message with her supervisor, you are just going to have to wait until the manager calls her back. And she gave you the number for the manager at the sortation plant, did she not?" I have already explain all of this to the first rep on the phone and I agree yes all of that is true. Then I ask when may I pick up my parcel and the manager says "I can't give you a date" and I just say well that is not very helpful. Then the clothing website staff respond to my email asking about a refund and they say I should just go back to the location and pick up my parcel. I have tried to keep very calm about all of this but the problem is I have a bad temper and I am afraid if I go back there to the location tomorrow and the supervisor still hasn't called back the store that I am going to be rude and get in an argument. Does anyone else see anythning wrong with this picture? If the tracking number was good enough to ship the f##king parcels and they were at my house to be dropped off, why can't I pick them up. What the sweet mother F##K changed from the time I missed the delivery person at the door until they landed back at the store. I dont understand how they were shipped in the first place from New Jersey if there was a problem with the tracking number. I paid duty, taxes, shipping over $100 on the items at the time of purchase online and I just want my stuff. I start a new job Thursday and my two older kids start school in a week and I am needing the shoes for everyone. I have decided not to verbally complain about this to anyone as it just sours the mood so this is my only outlet. Sorry for the long and rambling nonsense but I feel a little better :) —Central Halifax Resident