A Little Night Magic

Love, love, love

Victoria Medeiros is maid for this role (hehe) - EMILY JEWER
Emily Jewer
Victoria Medeiros is maid for this role (hehe)

I’m not a Sondheim fan. (As I type this, I already feel virtual tomatoes being pitched my way.) His music alienates me. His shows exhaust me. And this is why I’m shocked by how much I love, love, loved the Halifax Summer Opera Festival production of A Little Night Music. I was enraptured from the first glorious note. The story is a bawdy tale of sexual frustration and impossible relationships that is set in motion when a middle-aged man (Garry Williams, giving an award-worthy performance) tries to recapture his youth by marrying a beautiful, bubble-headed, sex-adverse young girl (Julia Bradshaw, who simply shines). Although there are so many highlights and brilliant performances in this show, I’d be remiss not to mention Victoria Medeiros as the earthy, sexy maid and her glorious rendition of The Miller’s Son. The show work beautifully on the intimate Neptune Studio stage and the costumes are to-die-for. Pure magic!