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Ostrea Lake dives right in

The lullaby folk band Ostrea Lake is only a year old, but it's already bound to blow you out of the water.

Ostrea Lake dives right in
Elias Abi Daoud and Moe Kabbara find the perfect blend of mandolin, baritone ukelele and soft vocals.

Elias Abi Daoud only started Ostrea Lake (ostrealake.bandcamp.com) a year ago, but the Ben Howard- and Alexi Murdoch-inspired lullaby folk already sparks of great fires to come. With two EPs under his belt---Ostrea Lake (March 2012) and the newest, Dear Outside The Woods which dropped in April was partially recorded with Nick Macdonald in a bunker in the woods behind York Redoubt. "It was fun capturing it," says Abi Daoud. "You can hear the atmosphere there with birds or crickets in the background." It's that sense of rustic peacefulness that imbues Moe Kabbara's mandolin and Abi Daoud's baritone ukelele and soft vocals with the lingering melodies that manage to invoke both Jose Gonalez, The National and something else, something you can't quite put your finger on. "I usually tell people indie folk, but Moe always says with the post-rock Explosions in the Sky little licks, he calls it post-folk." The band, named for a body of water in Abi Daoud's hometown Musquodoboit Harbour, is exactly that---something just right for the summer, something you're going to want to dive right into. --Lindsay Raining Bird

Thursday, June 27, 8:30pm, The Company House, 2202 Gottingen Street