I hate that too! | The Coast Halifax

I hate that too!

I hate rainy weather on the weekend. I hate women that wear their pajamas in public. I hate smokers. I hate rush hour traffic, fish that don't bite, ducks that fly too high, and sun that doesn't shine. Minimum price on milk is too fickung high. The rust on my car just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Ignorant drivers that hate cyclists. cyclists that won't follow the rules of the road. pedestrians that don't look up. I hate too many empty handicap parking stalls, the HST, the line ups at a grocery store. I hate the roads in HRM. I hate the neighbors cat. I hate jogging just so I have the energy to jog. I hate dogs that poop on my lawn. I hate dog owners that let their dogs poop on my lawn. Drive thrus with a broken down debit machine! Coffie grounds, enough said. I hate people that gossip. I hate the ass smell of weed. I hate politically correct people, riddles that can't be solved, Dora the Explora, and yes, I even hate Bambi. Gas prices, yup, I hate that too. I hate warm beer, cold spagetti, and hot cola. I hate spots on my shirt, holes in my crotch. I hate riding the bus. I hate happy djs on morning radio. I hate racism. I hate inconsiderate people. I hate whatever you hate, except when it conflicts with something that I already hate. I hate haters. — just saying.