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Best New Artist

The Crimson Tides

The young punk quartet released its self-titled debut last year, obviously making a mark on the city. “We are making this all up as we go,” says singer Adam Bowes. “All I know is that we are passionate about playing and spending time together. Nothing is taken too seriously, whatsoever...but things get done well. We play shows for the fun of it. It gives us an excuse to be social. We’re very happy to hear this news.” The Tides will head out on a national tour in May after opening for DOA in town on April 7. “We would like to tell our fans to buy the new Ghettosocks album,” says Bowes of one of his own nominees for the award. “We would also like to ask our fans to help us carry our drum kit to our next show. They are really heavy.”

1st runner-up: The Superfantastics, 2nd runner-up: Their Majesties