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Best International Cuisine

Baan Thai, 1569 Dresden Row, 446-4301

Nothing like a good fix of pad Thai to let you know you’re alive and doing well, and at Baan Thai it’s all authentic and good. Victor and Sue Wong serve only the best and they’re getting ready to heat it up even more. Victor is just back from Thailand and there’s a new chef from Bangkok starting soon. Plus: “Every week,” Victor says, “I’m going to fly in fresh ingredients from Thailand. Somebody’s going to go to the market in Bangkok, buy things like herbs, lemon grass, oyster mushrooms, chatchai and galangal, put it all in a cooler and send it over.” Ingredients pretty much non-existent in Halifax will soon be at Baan Thai.

2nd: Taj Mahal, 5175 South, 492-8251

3rd: Mexico Lindo, 3635 Dutch Village, 445-0996