Best Desserts

La Cave, 5688 Spring Garden, 429-3551

No surprise here. Once again, La Cave wins by a huge margin. And yes, it’s all about the cheesecake. Chef Andrew Beck has been baking at La Cave for seven years. This past year, one of his favourites has been the pear cheesecake—pears steeped in red wine with cardamom and fresh whipped cream. Beck tips his chef’s hat to others: “It is the cheesecake,” he says, “that wins us for it every year, but I make other things and there are other very talented pastry chefs in Halifax.” Still, yet again, Coast readers say “cheese.”

2nd: Il Mercato, 5560 Spring Garden, 422-2866

3rd: Dio Mio Gelato Desserts Cafe, 5670 Spring Garden, 492-3467