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Best Local Album Artwork

Kary, Light

Kary lead singer and guitarist Paul Murphy actually completed the artwork for Light three years ago, but didn’t show his bandmates until the album was nearly completed. “It was sort of a gaudy-looking drawing that has this image that is a picture of a sun,” Murphy says of the album cover. “It’s a childlike picture but it’s sort of like an old Prozac ad. It’s light, but it’s sort of this fake representation of light.” Kary then took the drawing to Paul Hammond and Seth Smith at Yo Rodeo!, who took the image and silkscreened it into the image seen on the album cover. The bright primary colours of the huge sun juxtapose with Kary’s dark riff rock inside the package. “They kind of took my original image and then made their own colour scheme that they wanted to do for it,” Murphy says. “It looks a lot cooler than it looked originally.”

Runners-up: Jon Epworth, Two Sessions ; Billy’s Flick, Unexpected