Best Local Band Name

Sharp Like Knives

Sharp Like Knives have claimed this year’s Best Local Band Name, just narrowly beating out Shameless. Well, a victory is still a victory, and this dance punk band’s name has been steadily spreading since their inception over a year ago. Formed by lead vocalist Paul Hammond and guitarist Greg Boone after the demise of their hardcore outfit The Illuminati, the group has been playing local shows to growing acclaim. Over the summer they plan to take their act to a larger audience. “We’re planning to do a tour of Canada, and hopefully we’ll have an album finished before then too,” says Hammond, who is half of Yo Rodeo!, this issue’s cover designers. Of the name, he claims little other back-story than it evolved from his original suggestion of The Knives. “We did play one of our original shows as The Roaming Catholics though,” he adds. “I’m glad we made the switch.”

Runners-up: Shameless, Wintersleep