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Best Local DJ

Skratch Bastid

The Bastid AKA Paul Murphy (not related to Wintersleep’s Murphy) won the honour that has been his since 2001—even though he moved to Montreal last July. That’s mostly due to his constant travels back to the city by the sea to throw down his turntable stylings. “It’s my favourite city in the world,” Murphy says about his Halifax love. “It’s home, it’s family, it’s friends, it’s beer and it’s Dharma Sushi. It’s a relaxing place that I know really well where I can take a breather from being in unfamiliar cities.” Skratch used his skills to maximum effect this year, taking second place at the Canadian DMC Finals as well as defending his title at the prestigious DJ competition Skribble Jam. He follows up with the release of his first original full-length, Taking Care of Business, with guest stars Pip Skid and John Smith, and of course, more shows on the east coast. “Basically I just want to keep working at the pace I’ve been working this past year and continuing to take this music that I love as far as it will go,” Murphy says. “Plus, I am a crazy, beer-drinkin’ rap dude and it doesn’t get more Halifax than that.”

Runners-up: DJ IV, Buck 65