Best Live Show In The Past Year

Hawksley Workman October 23, 2003 at The Marquee Club

The consummate performer, Hawksley Workman hit Halifax in late October like a second Hurricane Juan. The Workman filled the Marquee with bright vocals, pounding melody and a rapturous, appreciative crowd. He engaged the Halifax audience with witty banter, handsome posturing and a crack back-up band. Workman’s latest album, Lover/Fighter, is best suited to the live show with bombastic, soaring U2 guitar riffs, Bono-esque falsettos and a cabaret feel. His live show is much like the title of the album—romantic one moment, powerful the next.

Runner-up (tie): Matchbox Twenty, October 3, 2003 at The Metro Centre/Concert on the Hill, June 28, 2003 on Citadel Hill