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Best DJ

Skratch Bastid

Halifax sure loves its Bastid, and not just because he’s such a cutie. Revolution Records clerk Paul Murphy by day, last year the Bastid continued his deft, friendly domination of the hip-hop scene by finally releasing his first mix CD, Bastard’s Business, which bounced around the influential CKDU charts for months after its release. Now, after filling the considerable gap left by no-show Mix Master Mike at Reflections on Sunday, he’s on a month-long American tour with local hip-hop luminaries Buck 65, Josh Martinez and The Goods. (Is he even legal in the US?) We couldn’t reach him to ask him how it feels to win this category for the second straight year, or if he’s worried about the surging popularity of Montréal import Double A, who came a relatively close second, but we’re sure he would duck his red head and accept your honour with his trademark humility and goofy smile. And then offer you a Skittle.

Runner-up: Double A