Stephen Adams

District 11 (Spryfield - Sambro Loop - Prospect Road)

Bianca Mùˆller

2013 grade: B-
2012 grade: D
2011 grade: D
2010 grade: D
2009 grade: B-
2008 grade: C-
2007 grade: B-
Cell: 497-8818

Stephen Adams has been uncharacteristically quiet these past six months. Maybe he's worried about something, or just reflective or overwhelmed at his "day job" as a Big Pharma rep. Yep, Adams is one of only two councillors for whom politics is moonlighting (the other is Tim Outhit).

Adams voted the wrong way on Skye Halifax, wanting to send the project to a public hearing. Otherwise, his most memorable moment came during the debate on shutting down the front end processor at the landfill---the facility where recyclables and organics are sorted out of green bags. Cutting through a lot of bureaucratic smoke and mirrors, Adams repeatedly asked "Does this mean organics will end up in the landfill?" None of the bureaucratic bullshitters would supply a simple yes or no, and so everyone understood what was at stake.