OMG, it's Open City

Saturday brings back city exploration at its finest

Celebrate Mother’s Day weekend with one mother of an event—the second annual Open City, where I LOVE LOCAL and over 100 retailers and restos team up to make bring Halifax to the next level, takes place on this Saturday, May 11. After the resounding success of last year’s event (seriously, people freaked out, new businesses were born and community spirit boomed louder than the noon cannon) Open City is back and bigger, once again challenging people to explore their own city via deals, activities and backdoor eats.

This is the day to overdo it by scooping up sales across the city, celebrating the grand opening of Lost Cod Clothing Co. (Queens Landing, Halifax Waterfront), sweating bullets in free fitness classes, being an artist for a day at NSCAD, drinking cheap caffeinated beverages and eating like a boss. Maybe you’ll get your first taste of the soon-to-open, newest member of the Chives family, 2 Doors Down (1533 Barrington Street) grab some hors d’oeuvres compliments of Wrap So D at Peak Audio (2813 Agricola Street), get a lobster poutine from CUT (5120 Salter Street) or one of the other many, ridiculously tempting snacks. And there are way, way more. Enough to give you a belly ache just by looking at 'em.

Check out (or check out this handy map) to plan your Saturday, and get ready to make some new-to-you discoveries.