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Acres and Acres of east coast music

Acres and Acres kick off East Coast Music Week with three shows.

Acres and Acres of east coast music
Acres and Acres representin'

Truth & Sky is the perfect blend of mesmerizing vocals and string melodies all in one album which creates beautiful soulful arrangements. Acres and Acres released its latest album Truth & Sky in November. Kris Pope and David Scholten are the dynamic duo behind the Halifax-based folk-rock band.

The duo just finished its Maritime album release tour and is getting ready for its next show on March 6 at the Spatz Theatre for the kickoff to the East Coast Music Week. There will be six bands performing 20-minute sets. During the Saint John release show, A&A played with the Saint John String Quartet and consequently the Quartet is also playing in the same showcase on March 6. Pope says it worked so well that they felt like they have been playing together for years. Acres and Acres and the String Quartet are going to combine their sets into one at the Spatz Theatre. "It is really neat because there are a lot of strings on the new album and it's really nice to represent the album with the Saint John String Quartet," he says. "They're amazing."

Scholten and Pope wanted to still capture the same live recording sound as their first record, but in the studio this time. They were both completely prepared when it came time to record, with the songs worked out. "Being prepared means you can go into the studio and have fun. You have a strong sense of what is going to work and how to do it." Pope describes the latest album as a "nice rainy day album with a couple of upbeat songs."

March 6, Spatz Theatre, 1855 Trollope Street, $20, 8pm; March 8, Casino Nova Scotia, Schooner Room, 1983 Upper Water Street, $18, 8pm; March 9, The Khyber, 1588 Barrington Street , $10, 7pm