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Don't hate, appreciate!

Gus' Pub & Grill's customer night features karaoke hosted by The Fat Stupids and Windom Earle.

Don't hate, appreciate!
The Fat Stupids will have your punk favourites ready.

If you ignore the crowded malls and empty bank accounts, there's always something magical about the season that makes you want to give a little something special to the people you love. For Gus' Pub & Grill, those loved ones are its customers---the varied bunch you always see congregating outside late at night while the rest of the street sleeps. Gus' Pub loves 'em so much there's a whole night of free food and karaoke devoted to them. But, not just any ol' karaoke, this is a special set hosted by The Fat Stupids and Windom Earle. "The Fat Stupids host punk-rock karaoke," says Stephen MacLeod, Windom Earle leader and event co-host. "They do everything from The Ramones to Jay Reatard." (Song list at "I do a more traditional karaoke set but also with local bands like Cousins," says MacLeod. "Most of my stuff dates back to the 2006-era Halifax scene." It's a throwback night garnished with tasty food from Ace Burger Co. and other special guests like speaker Mark Black. "It's very rare that he does these anymore, stand up and power presentations about bootleg toys and rainbow suspenders and things," laughs MacLeod. "But, cheap drinks and free food, that's the actual selling point." Sold.

Customer Appreciation Christmas Chug-a-thon
Sunday, December 23, Gus' Pub & Grill
2605 Agricola Street, 423-7786