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Taxi fares

I am a driver in Dartmouth and just found out how the new fares are to be implemented. Remember the new rates are decided by CITY COUNCIL and NOT CAB DRIVERS. Bridge Toll: Currently bridge fares are charged to the customer both ways. The new system will only allow us to charge one way and we have to take the loss on the return trip. Since the driver has to accept the extra cost we will be looking for some way to reduce that. Suggestion is to leave it up to the customer to decide which way they prefer to cross the harbour—bridge toll both ways ($1.60 if using Mac Pass) or around the basin ($15.00 +/-). Cab Fare: New rate is set at $0.13/? distance. A fare may now end in pennies being exchanged. This after the federal government is trying to eliminate those coins. Will expect customers to have the extra pennies. Should a customer not want to pay the full amount drivers have the right to have police involved. Common sense says that a rate of $0.15 would make every thing easier. Should anyone have concern about the new rates remember it's council that makes the final decision. Feel free to contact them. —CD