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Comedic Dee-light

Gerry Dee brings his stand up show Life After Teaching to the Cohn.

Comedic Dee-light
Gerry Dee is ready to make you laugh.

For anyone who's had to watch their hard-drinking friends (or sloppy wine-cooler chugging, a la Mr.D) suit up and scramble through a BEd only to plagarize all their lesson plans from the internet and generally be questionable at preparing young minds for society, Gerry Dee is going to speak to you in ways that only your inner bitchface used to. A former substitute teacher, he's sharp and candid about his time spent moulding the citizens of tomorrow and his newest stand up show Life After Teaching will fill that perfect Mr.D-sized hole that has been gaping since you discovered the locally filmed TV comedy on Netflix (you'll never look at Citadel High the same way again), had a non-stop marathon of the entire first season and have been waiting with bated breath for the new season ever since (it's starting in January, BTW). The award-winning and critically-acclaimed stand up star also just published TEACHING: It's Harder Than It Looks in October so you can pick that up and try to have him sign something other than skin (that would be weird, right?). If you have no idea what I'm yapping about, Netflix yourself!

Gerry Dee: Life After Teaching
Friday, November 23, Rebecca Cohn, 6101 University Avenue, 7:30pm, $57.50, 494-3820